About Family Health Services

Family Health Services of East Central Ohio (FHSECO) believes that the family is the cornerstone of society the source of our highest values and deepest human relationships. Planning one's family is the first basic step toward a strong, healthy family.

FHSECO also advocates for children's rights. Most basic is the right to be wanted and loved. FHSECO believes that every child has a right to a loving home, a decent life and a future with hope.

FHSECO was the first rural comprehensive family health service in the state. FHSECO's first clinic opened in Newark in 1967. Additional clinics followed in Fairfield County (1970), Muskingum County (1972), and Perry County (1974). Currently, FHSECO offers 'services to Men and Women in Licking, Muskingum and Perry Counties.

FHSECO is a private, non-profit agency. An elected board of directors representing the three counties operates FHSECO. The agency receives funding from the organizations below as well as federal, state, local funds, and private contributions.

FHSECO Contributors
  • United Way of Licking County
  • Ohio Department of Health's' Family Planning Program
  • Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray
  • The March of Dimes Foundation, Ohio Chapter
Sliding fees for services are based upon a client's income and family size, however, no one is denied services due to their inability to pay.