About Birth Control

Correct information is the only way that you can make a wise choice about what type of birth control to use.

If you choose to have sex but do not want to become pregnant, you must use some type of contraception. The birth control method you choose depends on many factors. Before selecting any type of birth control you should learn about all of the methods. Then you should choose the one that best meets your needs. You must use the chosen method correctly and consistently. If you forget or are not sure that you are using the method correctly, you may contact Family Health Services for more information.

Only medical professionals can provide accurate medical advice regarding the use of birth control methods. This pamphlet is not intended to promote any specific method. No one method is right for everyone.

Non-Prescription Methods

Non-prescription methods of birth control can be obtained at FHSECO, most grocery and department stores or drug stores.

Prescription Methods

Prescription methods of birth control require an exam by a medical professional and a written prescription for the birth control supply. Many of these fall into the category of hormones. Prescription methods of birth control should not be shared with others who do not have a prescription of their own.

Most of the methods in the Birth Control Grid below can be obtained at Family Health Services at little cost and completely confidentially. If you have any questions about the methods or wish to make an appointment please call the number for the clinic nearest you.

Download Our Birth Control Informational Grid