Client's Rights Policy

You Have the Right to...
  • Be treated with dignity and to receive considerate and respectful care.
  • Obtain complete and accurate information about your exam and treatment.
  • Know who is providing the care.
  • Expect privacy and confidentiality.
  • Choose where to be referred for additional care.
  • Have your records transferred (you need to provide written consent).
  • Receive equal treatment regardless of race, color, national origin, handicap, age, sex, financial status and religion.
  • Refuse any treatment or procedure.
  • Have all your questions answered to your understanding.
  • Know the cost of services and to pay as your are able.
  • Receive a hearing of your complaint by notifying the Clinic Manager.
  • Receive services without subjecting you to any coercion of services or use of any particular method of family planning.

If a complaint has not been handled to your satisfaction, you may contact:
The Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High Street, P.O. Box 118
Columbus, OH


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights Chicago,IL

It is Your Responsibility to...
  • Ask questions if you do not understand something.
  • Answer all our question completely and truthfully.
  • Follow directions on medical care and medicine.
  • Keep scheduled appointments or cancel them ahead of time.
  • Tell us promptly if anything changes about your health.